41 Years Old Singleton to be launched in Asia

Picture Credits: www.thedrinksbusiness.com

The oldest whisky ever launched by The Singleton of Glen Ord is gracing Asia from 7 September 2017 in selected countries. Made by “Master of Malt”, Maureen Robinson, this whisky is bottled at cask strength of 49.9% abv. Going under the label of The Forgotten Drop series, this 41-years old whisky is the first “oldest” whisky released by the distillery since its inception in 1838.

From 7 September 2017, this whisky is available in selected Asian countries at a jaw-dropping price of £2,200 as it is a limited edition of 600 bottles only. This is according to the news released by Glen Ord.

This release is interesting as Robinson has used a predominantly small batch of refill American Oak cask to create the 41-years-old. As it is different from Glen Ord’s typical use of refill European oak, ex-sherry casks, the flavour profile is going to be different from your usual Singleton of Glen Ord.

Robinson shared that the refill American Oak Cask is what makes the 41-years-old so special as Singleton of Glen Ord does not usually create a whisky of such age in American Oak Cask. The whisky is said to have a “depth of taste” and adds complexity to the Singleton’s signature balance and smoothness.

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