About Us

WhiskyGeeks hopes to unite all whisky enthusiasts in Singapore and beyond as we share our knowledge on everything about whisky. We aim to bring you bite-size articles. You can expect topics such as whisky distilleries and useful tips on how to better appreciate the golden nectar.

We will also bring you news and events happening in the world of whisky so that you can have a chance to attend these often coveted events.

As whisky enthusiasts ourselves, WhiskyGeeks hopes to provide a platform for both whisky lovers and non-whisky drinkers to appreciate whisky just that little bit more.

Zicong aka Geek Choc

Zicong is a self-learner when it comes to drinking. He got acquainted with the golden liquid at the age of 25, and he has never looked back since. He loves whisky for its complexities and flavours. He is passionate about whisky and works on all his friends to spread his love for whisky. He converted his close friends into whisky lovers and hoarded bottles of whisky at home for his drinking pleasure. Zicong hopes to continue to spread his love for whisky through this blog.
If you ask Zicong what whisky means to him, he will say:
“Whisky is my single source of relaxation, especially after a long day at work. It is indeed the water of life!”

Zerlina aka Geek Flora

Zerlina grew up with whisky in her house. It is not surprising when she eventually become a whisky lover. When she was finally old enough to drink, she tried all kinds of alcohol. Nothing seems to lure her the way that whisky did. At the age of 24, she discovered her love for the golden nectar when she began to appreciate whisky and its complexities. After a few years of learning about whisky, she is so in love that she attempted to hold her own tasting sessions to share the appreciation of whisky with her friends. Zerlina hopes that through this blog, she can help others to understand, appreciate and enjoy whisky the same way she does.
If you ask Zerlina what whisky means to her, she will say:
“Whisky is like a brother to me. Without whisky, I would not be who I am today.”