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Whisky Review #55 – High West Campfire Blend

This is another American blend – with a twist! The High West Campfire Blend is a mixed of peated blended Scotch (we are not lying), straight bourbon and straight rye. This blend comes about after High West founders, David and Jane Perkins visited the Bruichladdie distillery in Scotland. Drinking the peated whisky produced there made them visualise a blended whisky that transpires both geographic and stylistic borders. With that aim in mind, both of them set to work. The final formula produces a blend of whiskey that is perfect for a campfire or a road trip.

Interested to find out more? Let’s dive into the review.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Gold
ABV: 46%

Nose: The first nose brings notes of hay with high-end furniture lacquer. It is followed by sweet peaches and hints of peat smoke and herb spices. There is also some caramel sweetness hiding in the background. (17/20)

Palate: The first sip brings peat smoke and honey. The second mouthful brings some cinnamon and green grassy herbs. Hints of sultanas danish can be found floating in the background. (16/20)

Finish: Long finish that is tannic with some toffee sweetness. (17/20)

Body: This is perhaps not as well balanced as Michter’s bourbon, but its unique flavours of peated sweetness is an appeal. For whisky drinkers who are not sweet-tooth, this may be the solution to their choice in bourbon. (28/40)

Total Score: 78/100


Geek Choc: “I finally found a bourbon with peat! It is an interesting drink and one that I will go back to for my choice of bourbon. Great stuff!”


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