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The Balvenie x Royal Selangor Mash-Up : Luxury in a Box

Photo Credits: Team @ WG&S

Luxury in Scotch whisky is common these days. The most recent collaboration is the team-up between The Balvenie and Royal Selangor. What I did not expect, however, was the sheer prestige it entailed until I attended the media event for the unboxing of the product.

Shared Passion and Time-Honoured Craftmanship

Photo Credits: Team @ WG&S

The collaboration between The Balvenie and Royal Selangor is a tribute to their shared passion and respect for craftsmanship. The result of their teamwork is a collector’s box that is 100% handmade. The box holds precious liquids from The Balvenie expressions, 30 years old and upwards.

The collector’s box is made of high-grade walnut wood encased in handcrafted pewter. The Royal Selangor’s signature dimple design on the box reflects the skill and precision of the craftsman. The dimple design requires a hammering technique that needs years to master and takes up to six days to complete!

Reflection of Luxury

The media event revealed the deep-seated beliefs shared by The Balvenie and Royal Selangor. The attention to details on the participation kit of the event was on point. As the event was held at 6pm local time, The Balvenie also provided us an “atas” dinner made up of a dozen of things. There was also a full bottle of the delicious Balvenie 12 Years Old Doublewood and its accompanying pewter-based tumbler. On top of these goodies, there was a notebook, a cheese board, a leather bookmark and a wee table lamp that opens like a book. All in all, the kit was too generous!

Our team got to enjoy the food and whisky while learning more about The Balvenie and Royal Selangor collaboration.

Getting your hands on The Balvenie’s Collectors’ Box

Now, the important information that you need to know is HOW to buy the collector’s box. We understood that there are only fifteen such boxes available in Singapore and Malaysia. The box houses three bottles of The Balvenie’s signature bottles, 30 years old and upwards. Buyers can choose their bottles, of course! Each box needs to attain a minimum purchase value of £41,800.

The Balvenie Gift Packs

We understood that there are also special releases of The Balvenie 12, 14, and 17 Years Old with this collaboration. The gift packs comes with a delicious single malt and a wondrous gift of a pewter-based tumbler.

Each tumbler comes with a solid pewter base and looks amazing no matter how you hold it. These packs are available for a limited time from TODAY (21 December) onwards on the WGS flagship store on LazMall. If you are looking for a last minute gift for a loved one, you gotta check them out.

More about The Balvenie & Royal Selangor

The Balvenie differentiates themselves by their commitment to craftsmanship. It brings invaluable skill, knowledge, experience and passion to every stage of the process. They are the only distillery in the Scottish Highlands that maintains the Five Rare Crafts of whisky making since 1892. In today’s world of automation, it sets The Balvenie apart.

Royal Selangor is the world’s foremost name in high quality pewter, founded in 1885. The brand is synonymous with innovative design and expertly honed craftsmanship. Devoted to their craft, Royal Selangor was founded by Yong Koon, a pewter smith and since 1979, has been conferred by the Sultan of Selangor with the warrant of ‘Royal Pewterer’. 

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