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Whisky Review #60 – Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish

The Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish (BCF) is a special release by James Sedgwick Distillery (JSD) in 2005. It is the first blended whisky that is 100% South African because JSD distilled and matured both the malt and grain whiskies used in this expression. The Three Ships BCF matures in American oak casks for three years before being placed into first fill American Bourbon casks for another 6-month marrying period. It results in a blended whisky with an interesting character.

Let’s check out the whisky next.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Rich Gold
ABV: 43%

Nose: Soft caramel sweetness wafts into the nose gently followed by hints of vanilla cupcakes. White pepper spice lingers in the background. (17/20)

Palate: Soft caramel and vanilla notes complement each other beautifully in the palate. As the liquid stays in the mouth, the vanilla notes became stronger but did not overpower the caramel notes. Gentle spice swirls in the background pleasantly, creating a sweet and spicy flavour. (18/20)

Finish: The finish is medium with sweet vanilla lingering in the mouth. (16/20)

Body: Well-balanced whisky with pronounced vanilla notes and caramel sweetness. The bourbon cask finish gives a higher complexity to the whisky. While it may not be the most complicated whisky, it has an interesting character that makes it better than the Three Ships Select Whisky. (33/40)

Total Score: 84/100


Geek Flora: “I love my bourbon cask, and this whisky did not disappoint me. The influence of the bourbon cask finish may be a little stronger than needed but it has a good character. Overall, this is a fantastic bottle.” 

Where to buy: If you are looking to purchase this bottle, you can find it at Quaich Bar, Singapore’s first whisky bar. Alternatively, visit their online store at www.whiskystore.com.sg to get it delivered to your doorstep.


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