Welcome to the World of Whisky

Whisky appears to be a mysterious drink. Casual whisky drinkers are puzzled when they overheard whisky lovers talking about peat, smoke, caramel sweetness, vanilla and all the other stuff that they do not understand. To them, it is just spicy alcohol.

We know that it is difficult to penetrate into the world of whisky when there is nobody to guide you. Everything tastes the same. We want to change that. We want to make whisky accessible and help casual whisky drinkers, as well as whisky lovers, learn more about the world of whisky. There are many things to learn about whisky and way too many whiskies to drink for any individual.

The fastest way to learn more is to form a safe and conducive environment where people are happy to share their thoughts and sometimes, their drinks too. We want to build such a community. We hope that whisky drinkers will share their passion and love with others so that more people will embrace the wonderful world of whisky.

WhiskyGeeks share posts about the different distilleries around the world, as well as whisky events, reviews and news. Occasionally, we share our thoughts about the various whisky bars we visited too! We hope that these will help you gain a better understanding of the whisky world and hopefully, make you a happier whisky drinker!

Sláinte Mhath!



At Heart of Darkness with John Pemberton


Iain McAlistar in a Glen Scotia warehouse

Whisky Appreciation


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